This month, we are proud to present the triumphant return of Sillyheart! Sara Murray, Sean's longtime friend and bandmate stops by and talks about music, life, and that time she accidentally called John Stamos 'Jesse'.

This episode includes:
0:00 S&DMM Sillyheart Theme

7:31 Dog Walk

17:28 What Do You Do?

39:38 F*ckin' Hooray

45:17 Wrong Person

50:25 Just Fine

Sillyheart Links: Bandcamp, Facebook

Sara's Business: confetti & co.

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Luke Jiorle, Levi Jiorle, and Zachary Van Why join us on this episode to talk about Luke's upcomming record, his unique aproach to songwriting, and music in general.
We also improvise, perform one of Luke's songs, develop a brand new one together, and present a sneak peak of the album!


February 21, 2018

Episode 10 - Alex Bortnichak

This month we welcome Alex Bortnichak, songwriter/bandleader of Eating Club and drummer of The Sparta Philharmonic! We discussed his latest projects, his personal journey as a musician and songwriter, and the joys and challenges of recording outside a conventional studio.  We also played some wonderfully varied improvisations, from the snarling and rocking to the beautiful and meditative.  The episode includes:

0:00- S&DMM Theme (Sean on sax, Dave on guitar, and Alex on drums)

10:30- “Homing (Told You So)” by The Sparta Philharmonic

30:00- Improvisation 1 (Sean on Flute, Dave on guitar, and Alex on drums)

46:28- Improvisations 2 and 3 (Sean on flute, Alex on accordion/whistling, and Dave on djembe/vocals)

58:15- “Grand Junction” by Eating Club


Eating Club Links: Facebook,  iTunesSpotifyBandcamp  

Alex’s Solo Album: iTunesSpotify,

The Sparta Philharmonic Links: FacebookiTunesSpotifyBandcamp


Composer Alexander Bornstein joins us via Skype this month to talk about his recent release Schematicthe ins and outs of scoring for film, and the state of the industry (current and future) in general. We also present three pieces we improvised simultaneously from opposite ends of the country and we feature two tracks from Schematic

Alex's Links: Website iTunes Spotify

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November 30, 2017

Episode 8 - Matt Wixson

This month, we spoke with Matt Wixson of Matt Wixson's Flying Circus! We talked a little about his compositional process, some favorite touring moments, and how hard it is to successfully play good ska. We present a song of Sean's that we all collaborated on, two of Matt's songs, and an improvisation that Sean and Dave did:

0:00 S&DMM Theme version 8 (Punk) 

1:21 Wherever I End Up - Matt Wixson's Flying Circus 

18:25 To The WhiteS(upremacists) - Sean Arawjo, Matt Wixson, Dave Trum, Zachary Van Why - Mastering by Carl Pannell

36:43 Improvised Duo - Sean & Dave

45:05 If We Let Ourselves - Matt Wixson

Matt's Links: MWFC Facebook  MWFC Bandcamp Matt Wixson Bandcamp

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October 15, 2017

Episode 7 - Eliza Waldman

We welcome Eliza Waldman this month, guitarist and singer of Eliza and the Organix! We improvised freely, played a little punk, and talked about her musical process. We also got to listen to "Trouble" from Eliza's new album Present Future Dreams: Part I and discuss how exactly the Organix accomplished the uniquely groovy-yet-etherial texture. 

Eliza's Links: Website Bandcamp Facebook 

Jeff Rosenstock: Bandcamp Quote Unquote Records (Tons of amazing pay-what-you-want albums)

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September 17, 2017

Episode 6 - Kyle Farris

This month we welcome our first non-classical guest: guitarist Kyle Farris. He and Sean reminisce about their punk rock high school past, we talk about the charity Kyle directs, and present a bunch of new pieces! This episode includes:

0:00 S&DMM Theme version 6 (Metal) - Guitars, Bass, Drums

4:42 The Drop D Disco by Only On Tuesdays (Sean and Kyle's band from 9th grade) - Guitar, Bass, Drums

9:39 Untitled Metal piece composed by Kyle Farris - Guitar, Bass, Drums

20:58 Improvised Percussion Trio 1 - Djembe, Shaker, Tom, Hi-Hat, Boom-ba, Cowbell, etc.

29:23 Structured Improv - Guitar, Flute, Drums

42:24 Improvised Percussion Trio 2 -  Djembe, Shaker, Tom, Hi-Hat, Boom-ba, Cowbell, etc.

46:54 Sound Collage - Six Months of Sean & Dave Make Music Themes

Donate to Kyle's Charity, The Way Home!

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This month we bring you two pieces for flute and percussion that we improvised live at the Chester County Library's Nerdcon and one song off the new Roof Beams album, Charon

Roof Beams Links: Facebook BandCamp iTunes Spotify

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Composer/Pianist Daniel Townsend joins us this month to talk about composing, "making it" as a musician, Innovative Juggling(!), and life in general. We feature exerpts from two of Dan's compositions on this episode: The Multicolored Tango and Conic. Follow him on Instagram and Soundcloud!
This episode also includes seven improvised pieces for flute, keyboard and percussion!

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June 21, 2017

Episode 3 - David Brown

Violinist and Composer David Brown joins us this month to improvise and chat!

This episode includes:

FIVE pieces we improvised together

A Red, Red Rose from Opposite Day, a set of comical songs David composed for his ensemble Illumine

A preview of Myrrdin, his recent piece written for and recorded by Ovidiu Marinescu, Haim Avitsur, and The New Russia State Symphony Orchestra

Two samples of compositions from our college years that made an impact on David: No Reservations by Sean and You Can Close Your Eyes To Reality But Not To Memories by Dave. 

We also talk about performance, composition, tonality, our time at WCU together, and more!

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