June 6, 2019

Ben DiPette

Choir director, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music advocate Ben DiPette schools us on the ins and outs of the Pennsylvania education system. Ben draws on personal experience and talks passionately about the positive impact the arts have on students. And we made a bunch of fun, silly, and weird music! 

This episode includes:

00:00 Sean & Dave Make Music Theme feat. Ben DiPette (Ben on drums and alto sax, Dave on keyboard, Sean on flute and percussion)

10:01 School Choice Blues (Ben on vocals and alto sax, Dave on djembe, Sean on banjo ukulele, washboard, bass drum, and hi-hat)

27:36 32 Years (Ben on vocals and keyboard, Dave on bass, Sean on drums, guitar, and tambourine)

42:44 Improvisation (Ben on drums, Dave on keyboard, Sean on flute)

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