December 30, 2018

Nellie McKay

Singer, songwriter, activist, and all-around fun human Nellie McKay joins us this month in the first of our three episode run recorded in NYC! We had a blast talking about her musical process and stylistic evolution, our pets, the Poconos, David Byrne, and life in general. We also improvised and wrote some brand new music together. Check out all of Nellie's music and catch her live if you can! 

Links: Nellie's Official WebsiteNellie's Twitter

This episode includes: 

00:00 S&DMM Theme feat. Nellie McKay (Nellie on vocals, ukulele, and percussion, Sean and Dave on percussion)

08:13 My Romance by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart from Sister Orchid (2018)

21:06 This is Not the Year (for Mistletoe in the Workplace) by Sean Arawjo (Nellie on Vocals, Dan Pardo on vocals and piano, Dave on bells, Sean on vocals, guitar, uke, bass, drums, winds, and percussion)

27:17 Pigeon Love by Nellie McKay, Sean Arawjo, and Dave Trum (Nellie on vocals, ukulele, and claps, Sean on flute, guitars, drums, and claps, Dave on bass and claps)

38:10 Improvisation (Nellie on piano, Dave on djembe, Sean on flute) 

54:42 S&DMM Theme feat. Nellie McKay (Nellie on vocals, ukulele, and percussion, Sean and Dave on percussion)

54:56 Identity Theft by Nellie McKay from Obligatory Villagers (2007)

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