September 17, 2017

Kyle Farris

This month we welcome our first non-classical guest: guitarist Kyle Farris. He and Sean reminisce about their punk rock high school past, we talk about the charity Kyle directs, and present a bunch of new pieces! This episode includes:

0:00 S&DMM Theme version 6 (Metal) - Guitars, Bass, Drums

4:42 The Drop D Disco by Only On Tuesdays (Sean and Kyle's band from 9th grade) - Guitar, Bass, Drums

9:39 Untitled Metal piece composed by Kyle Farris - Guitar, Bass, Drums

20:58 Improvised Percussion Trio 1 - Djembe, Shaker, Tom, Hi-Hat, Boom-ba, Cowbell, etc.

29:23 Structured Improv - Guitar, Flute, Drums

42:24 Improvised Percussion Trio 2 -  Djembe, Shaker, Tom, Hi-Hat, Boom-ba, Cowbell, etc.

46:54 Sound Collage - Six Months of Sean & Dave Make Music Themes

Donate to Kyle's Charity, The Way Home!

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