November 30, 2017

Matt Wixson

This month, we spoke with Matt Wixson of Matt Wixson's Flying Circus! We talked a little about his compositional process, some favorite touring moments, and how hard it is to successfully play good ska. We present a song of Sean's that we all collaborated on, two of Matt's songs, and an improvisation that Sean and Dave did:

0:00 S&DMM Theme version 8 (Punk) 

1:21 Wherever I End Up - Matt Wixson's Flying Circus 

18:25 To The WhiteS(upremacists) - Sean Arawjo, Matt Wixson, Dave Trum, Zachary Van Why - Mastering by Carl Pannell

36:43 Improvised Duo - Sean & Dave

45:05 If We Let Ourselves - Matt Wixson

Matt's Links: MWFC Facebook  MWFC Bandcamp Matt Wixson Bandcamp

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